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Just Feed Me by Jessie James Decker

Why We Heart It: Ever heard of bitty named Jessie James Decker? Not only is she known as a country pop princess, style icon and reality TV personality, but over here at Bevē, we’re obsessing over her cookbook, Just Feed Me. It’s no secret that us Bevēs like to eat out/take out (we see you , Twelve Thirty Club, Hampton Social and Sunda Nashville), but Jessie has inspired us to spend a little more time in the kitchen without sacrificing some serious flavor. The recipes are easy-to-follow and digestible (pun intended). The narration features Jessie’s trademark honesty, wit and heart. And the photos are vibrant and fantastic—we find ourselves flipping through it with one hand stuck in the Skinny Pop.

Favorite Noms: What we love is there is a diversity of cuisines represented in the recipes, passed down from Jessie’s mom. A little Italian. A little Cajun. A little Southern. A LOT of fun.

  • The 10-Can Chili recipe is a BEVē go-to. It’s flavorful, you only have to use one pot and it’s perfect for football-watching, a cabin weekend or a filling weeknight dinner (pro-tip: pour it over nachos, you’ll thank us later).

  • We were a little intimidated by the Seafood Gumbo recipe, but we put our heads together and after a couple glasses of wine and lots of laughter, we managed to successfully craft our first gumbo. Bonus points because we got to use the Dutch oven pot that has been gathering dust in the back of the cupboard AND got to try Okra for the first time (major yum!).

  • Next, we’re going to tackle brunch a la Jessie: Buttermilk Cinnamon Rolls (and mimosas obviously!)

Where To $$$ It: Kittenish! Our fav cookbook author extraordinaire also has a killer clothing boutique that’s a must-stop on the Bevē shopping tour.

All The Blues Come Through by Metra Farrari

Why We Heart It: Ever miss the days of deliberating the merits of Team Edward or Team Jacob? Or getting lost at Hogwarts with Hermoine or District Twelve with Katniss? We do. OK, it wouldn’t be quite the same these days, but what if there was a novel you could dive into with the same amount of whimsy and magic, but aimed toward millennials? Enter All The Blues Come Through. It’s The Princess Diaries meets mythology with tons of laughs and wit along the way.

Pairs well with:

  • Bachelorette parties! No, we don’t suggest you get your besties together for a reading circle but we DO suggest this read while traveling to/from a bachelorette trip!

  • Book Clubs! It's an ideal book club pick for its readability, humor and escapism.

  • A Boat/Lake/Pool/Pontoon/Beach! It’s a light read; you won’t get bogged down with complicated, in-depth mythological retellings.

  • Wine and popcorn (seriously, nothing better!)

Where to $$$ it: Amazon or here

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