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Go Sports Go!

Whether you're a die-hard fan cheering on your fav college/NFL team or just there for the snacks, you can look the part with these game day must-haves. We've got outfits and accessories teed up to make you look like a winner, regardless of the final score.

No team allegiance? No problem! Scoop up these game day tees from our favorite Nashville boutiques: Game day from Kittenish // The Girls from LA Green // Quarterbacks and Sodium snacks from LA Green // Football Mom from VICI // Game Day Rolling Stones from Sercy.

Looking to add a little more sparkle to the tail gate? Show your game day spirit with these jazzy buys! Check out these cheeky football outfits from our Preferred Partners: Football denim from Trendy & Tipsy // Stars & Football Dresses from SVM Boutique // Football sequin top from SVM Boutique.

There's going to be a flag on the play unless you have some festive football accessories for game day: I Love Touchdown Cup from LA Green // Football Earrings from Wilder // Headband from Wilder // Football necklace from Kendra Scott // Stadium bag from SVM Boutique // Game Day coozie from Trendy & Tipsy.

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