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#HotGirlSpring - The Hottest Trends

The days are stretching longer and the season is heating up with the latest trends for this Spring. Check out our round-up of some of the most exciting trends that we can’t wait to get our hands on!

Not-So White Pants

From ivory to cream, white denim gets a tiny tonal tune-up with bold results. Slightly changing the hue of the more traditional white denim gives your wardrobe a whole new feel. With different cuts and a diverse set of brands embracing this new trend, everyone can get on board this trend.

Shop the look: e. Allen

Agolde’s Cooper Cargo from e. Allen (a Bevē partner)

Cream, Pocketed Pants from VICI Collection (a Bevē partner)

Ivory Sweat Pants from Kittenish (a Bevē partner)

Mother’s Distressed Straight Legged from e. Allen (a Bevē partner)

Versatile Floral Midi Dresses

Flirty and femme is in this Spring, both in terms of design, fabric and vibe. Dresses in floral patterns that hit at the midi length are super versatile in their ability to be dressed up (pair with nude heels for an event) or casual (pair with a jean jacket for brunch). This trend will make you feel as whimsical as the changing weather.

Shop the look:

Eloise Midi Dress from KITTENISH (a Bevē partner)

Floral Slit Midi Dress from VICI Collection (a Bevē partner)

Summer Garden Yellow Midi from e. Allen (a Bevē partner)

Wrap Woodland Floral Midi from Madewell

Muted Floral Midi Dress from LA Green (a Bevē partner)

Denim, But Make it a Shirt Dress

Denim will always be a staple in Nashville, and this Spring, we’re seeing it in the form of shirt dresses. The wide array of denim shirt dresses will cover any mood under the sun; from sweet, babydoll styles to preppy, collared styles. For those chillier days, pair with some leggings and a baseball hat; for warmer weather, roll up the sleeves and pair with some open-toed booties and a wide-brimmed hat.

Shop the Look:

Denim button-down shirt dress from VICI (a Bevē partner)

Babydoll tunic from Free People

Long-sleeved denim shirt dress from Madewell

Tiered denim shirt dress from VICI (a Bevē partner)

Fringe: Front & Center!

We’re seeing a Nashville style icon–the fringe–being adopted in all sorts of playful ways, from sleeves to shag dresses to work-appropriate blazers. How do you pull off this trend without walking away a tassled mess? Balance the bold fringe-ified statement piece with simple accessories. Need to dip your toe in before fully embracing this trend? Ease into it with fringe boots or a fringed mini-tote. When in Nashville, you can’t go wrong with a western-influenced staple, the fringe jacket.

Shop the Look:

Fringe vest from SVM Boutique (a Bevē partner)

Limited-run fringe jackets from DanielXDiamond (a Bevē partner)

Fringe crochet top from VICI (a Bevē partner)

Rowan Fringe Booties from Trendy & Tipsy (a Bevē partner)

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