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Meet our Bevē Partner: Sercy + Co.

Front Store Window of Sercy Hat Bar

The vibe: 

  • Sercy is a southern colloquial term passed down that means "a thoughtful, small, surprise gift"

  • This charming boutique is known for its curated selection of unique gifts and home decor items

  • They offer a diverse range of products, from locally made artisanal goods to carefully sourced international treasures

  • Provides a delightful shopping experience and warm atmosphere where customers can find the perfect gift for any occasion or indulge in a little treat for themselves

  • Also hosts special events and workshops, fostering a sense of community and creativity among its patrons


  • Customize your very own trucker hat with an array of diverse patches, chains and pins

  • Hats are available to buy in-store; or, bring your own hat, jean jacket, backpack or satchel to decorate

  • No appointment is necessary, but if you have a larger group, they will arrange a private party after hours!

The 'Hood:

  • Capitol View is a vibrant mixed-use neighborhood located just steps away from downtown Nashville, offering a blend of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces.

  • Home to trendy apartments, modern office buildings, and chic retail outlets, Capitol View caters to urban professionals, residents, and visitors alike, providing a dynamic live-work-play environment.

  • With its proximity to major attractions such as the Tennessee State Capitol and the Gulch district, Capitol View serves as a bustling hub where residents can enjoy convenience, connectivity, and a lively urban atmosphere.

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