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The Candle Crawl - Nosin’ Through Nashville

We’ve all heard of a pub crawl–but have you heard of a candle crawl? At Bevē, we hit up so many boutiques with incredible clothes and accessories, it can be hard to miss the iconic candle scents. So while your eyes search for the perfect pair of jeans or summer dress, let your nose discover a new signature candle scent to take home. Or better yet, take home a flight of candles for every room! See our recommendations below:

The deets: Stop into Kristin Cavalerri’s store for this gorgeous fragrance. Comes in multiple sizes and wicks.

The scent: Palo santo, tonka bean, and dark musk for a sweet and earthy fragrance.

The ideal location: Entry way. With this scent, it’ll appear that you have your life in order (even if there are shoes, umbrellas, backpacks and jackets strewn about).

The deets: You’re enveloped by this divine scent once you step into Vinnie Louise’s clothing paradise.

The scent: Oakmoss + Amber, Lavender Driftwood, Palo Santo.

The ideal location: This candle could happily live in the kitchen to cleverly disguise the fact that your culinary prowess regularly serves up chicken nuggets and mac’n’cheese.

The deets: Always one for options, e.Allen gives us two signature scents; a white jar with an amber and eucalyptus fragrance and a black jar with a more masculine, teakwood and mahogany vibe.

The scent: Amber + Eucalyptus.

The ideal location: This deserves prime real estate within your kingdom, so it is THE living room candle. It pairs perfectly with a glass of wine and the latest season of Selling Sunset.

The deets: This beaut is the Orange Blossom Special candle from Draper James, Reese Witherspoon’s Nashville boutique.

The scent: Clementine, petit grain, and citrus zest.

The ideal location: The closet. Why? Because this candle makes a great hostess, teacher thank-you or last minute birthday gift. Buy a stash and stock up like you’re Costco.

The deets: Only available in store, this candle pairs well with its sister candle, the “Clothes Off” candle.

The scent: Citrus and Ylang.

The ideal location: This baby belongs in the boudoir, evoking a clean, airy scent even when the sheets haven’t been changed in some time. The Clothes Off candle? Also appropriate in a bedroom locale and a great scent for when one feels frisky.

*BONUS*-The scent below is not on the Bevē tour but we highly recommend a visit

The deets: Karee Hayes is a local Nashville esthetician and not only has a talent for glowy skin but a knack for fragrance. Her candle is so popular that it’s continually sold-out. Luckily for us, her room spray is the same scent and it’s lovely to add to a diffuser!

The scent: Australian sandalwood, papyrus, cedarwood, cardamom, iris, violet and ambrox with spicy, leathery, musky tones.

The ideal location: Every gosh darn room, especially before company comes over. A way better option than Febreze–trust us.

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