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Three New Nashville Spots We Adore

Heading to Nashville soon? Here are three new haunts that opened within the past couple months and are already on our "must-do and see" list for visitors. Adding these to any Nashville itinerary (i.e. bachelorette, girls trip) is a sure-fire win.


What: Inspired by "rock and roll, fuzzy dice, outdoor dining and al fresco frozen cocktails," this bar exudes happy times. Serving wood-fired fare and spinning vinyl records, all aspects of Cherries are aesthetically delicious.

Where: East Nashville

Why We Love It: The. Vibe. Is. Perfection. While they have a killer patio, we are just as happy bellied up to the bar under red hues with a Buck Cherry house cocktail.


What: Showcasing locally sourced teas and coffee, this charming shop doubles as a gift shop with curated goods and fresh flowers. Outdoor seating is peaceful under the shade of a century-old crepe myrtle tree.

Where: Germantown

Why We Love It: It's the perfect combination of shopping and sipping! We love ordering a tea, stocking up for upcoming birthdays and leaving with a little bouquet for ourselves (very Miley approved).


What: Not your mama's mini golf experience, this tech-infused experience is upscale and entertaining. Choose one of four 9-hole courses with automated scoring (no mini pencils!) and use your golf club as an air guitar to the beat of a live DJ or on-stage entertainment. A full-service bar and kitchen offers craft cocktails and shareable apps. Come for the mini golf, stay for the life-size beer pong.

Where: The Gulch

Why We Love It: We're a competitive bunch at Bevē but also a bit sloth-like at the same time, so this low-key yet engaging activity is the perfect combination of major fun and low stakes. Plus, we love any photo op with a golf club and a fizzy drink.

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