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What are Bevē beauties obsessed with this week?

Updated: Jan 11

The buzz: At Bevē, we were alarmed to hear that skinny jeans were so 2019, and since we didn’t wear any sort of structured pant during the pandemic, it was time to get our bums in new denim. We were a little apprehensive to embrace the new styles (because let’s be honest, trying on jeans can be perilous in and of itself, let alone navigating new genres of jeans) but then we came across Pistola jeans. They are like the gateway jean for those of us who want to dip our toes into the new trends, but still feel like ourselves. Pistola “blends expert cuts with a streetwise sensibility” and we couldn’t be more about it. From cropped jeans to boot cut to high rise straight leg—these high-quality pairs of Pistola perfection aren’t going to end up on the floor of your closet once the season (and taste!) changes; these are timeless, wardrobe staples.

Our fav pair(s):

  • We die for the Allen Denim Pistolas. They feature a a raw hem, slight distressing, and also a high rise. Paired with a tucked-in graphic tee? *Chef’s kiss*

Where To $$$ It: Vinnie Louise and Emerson Grace, both stop options on a Bevē shopping tour!

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